From sunny Key West, Florida, hello and welcome.

I first visited KW in 1963 as a 13 year old boy on “Walkabout”. You see weeks earlier I was spellbound paging through a National Geographic Magazine and seeing photos of everything I dream pt about, e.g. coconuts in palm trees, coral reefs in crystal clear water, island girls in bikinis. This discovery hit me like a brick on the head because unlike Tahiti, which was my favorite dream destination, Key West was America: I didn’t have to swim an ocean to get there. All I had to do is stick out my thumb and hitchhike – which is exactly what I did – from Princeton, NJ to Key West, Florida.

I worked the shrimp boats for 2 months before returning north but Key West got in my blood. I made the trip again the next summer and journeyed back countless times more as I grew up, graduated and worked as a commercial photographer / art director in the Northeast. Finally, in 1999, I shouted “I can’t take this anymore”, promptly retired, and went home to KW for good. Since arriving 20 years ago I’ve left the rock only 5 times – to pick up models in Miami.

If you find yourself in town and want to sit and chat you’ll find me at Harpoon Harry’s restaurant every day. Stop in and sit a spell – the iced coffee is the best and it’s on me. Call or write: